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Autologous Fat Transfer Nashville

Though in use for over a century to fill in facial flaws like sunken eyes, indentations and hollowed cheeks, new fat transfer techniques (called fat grafting) are now being used to augment other parts of the body, including the breasts, buttocks, biceps, triceps, calf muscles and the hands. Since the fat transfer uses your body’s own fat cells, allergic reaction and rejection are moderated. As an added bonus, body fat transfers tend to look and feel more natural than implants.

Fat transfers traditionally have been confined to filling in and softening small areas of the body, whereas body implants normally are reserved for contouring larger parts of the body. This is changing though, as plastic surgeons are now using larger-volume fat transfers (not artificial implants), to sculpt the buttocks area and other areas of the body. These larger-volume fat transfers, however, may occasionally provide unpredictable results, as, on average, 40% of the transferred fat can be reabsorbed by the body.