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Botox® and Fillers

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At one time, there were only surgical solutions to the common signs of aging. Today, you do not have to wait for time to take its toll on your appearance. Dr. Bengelsdorf is an expert injector of popular anti-aging solutions such as BOTOX® and dermal fillers.


For more than a decade, this incredible injectable solution has continued to hold court as one of the most requested cosmetic treatments. BOTOX® has been designed for use on the muscles that are commonly used in facial expressions.

Every time we laugh, cry, frown, or show other emotions, we are contracting certain muscles in our face. In time, these muscles tend to become stuck in a state of contraction. It is at this time that we begin to notice signs of age such as crow’s feet or furrows at the brow. BOTOX®, a purified derivative of botulinum toxin, has the power to limit the contractions of often-used muscles. Because of their relaxation, the overlying skin smooths out and you appear younger and more energetic.

Dr. Bengelsdorf has been administering BOTOX® to Nashville residents for over 10 years to Nashville residents. His expertise and familiarity with the specific physiology and anatomy of the face have continually produced outstanding results. Having completed the prestigious Boston University Surgical Residency Program, Dr. Bengelsdorf has an extensive background of training and experience that he brings to every clinical situation. With such highly regarded credentials and such a varied background, you can be rest assured that Dr. Bengelsdorf will be able to advise you thoroughly and clearly, no matter what your reason for inquiring about BOTOX®.

Dermal Fillers


One of the components to beautiful, youthful skin is hyaluronic acid. As we age, however, the amount of this substance present in the body decreases substantially. The lack of Hyaluronic acid, a substance that attracts and binds to water molecules, leads to a loss of volume in facial features. Over time, you may have noticed that your jawline has become less defined, or that skin in the jowls has started to droop. Loss of volume can also affect the cheeks, causing hollowing or a general flattening out of features.

JUVÉDERM® XC is a hyaluronic acid dermal filler that is used to address a number of the concerns that come from volume loss. The safe, effective replacement of hyaluronic acid in lines, folds, and ill-defined areas leads to a more youthful appearance without surgical intervention. With this treatment, results are immediate and long lasting.

Juvéderm Voluma

One of the newest hyaluronic acid fillers to receive FDA approval, Juvéderm Voluma is a product designed for the specific treatment of the mid face and cheek area. This formulation includes lidocaine for a comfortable experience, and it is exclusively administered by our trained physician, Dr. Bengelsdorf. In a short treatment session in our aesthetic center near Nashville, our patients can replenish volume in the cheek area for a more youthful appearance that lasts up to two years. Whether your cheekbones have lost definition through the years or you have always wanted more prominent contours, Juvéderm Voluma from your Franklin physician can achieve a beautiful outcome.


In order to achieve the most natural looking results from dermal filler treatment, it is necessary to have the right product for the right purpose. Beletero is a hyaluronic acid filler that has been formulated with a consistency ideal for the treatment of fine lines and for areas where the skin is thinner, such as around the eyes. Beletero is subtle, gentle, and effective at reducing the signs of aging on the face and neck. So light, this filler can even be layered with deeper fillers for beautiful rejuvenation.

By using injectables, it is now possible to accomplish what was not previously possible without surgery. To experience the rejuvenating effects of injectables treatments, contact Franklin Skin & Laser at (855) 599-1010 .

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