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Many people consume healthy foods and make sure to exercise regularly and yet never seem to realize their ultimate goal in terms of body shape. The truth is that each individual has his or her own predisposition when it comes to how and where the body holds onto those stubborn little pockets of fat.

Franklin Skin & Laser offers men and women multiple procedures through which body contours may be improved. Dr. Bengelsdorf has years of experience performing both surgical and non-surgical procedures. Under his expert care, you can achieve your desired result.

Benefits of Exilis

We are happy to offer Exilis in our Nashville practice and our patients love the results that can be achieved with this technology. In as little as a few weeks, results begin to show as the skin looks tighter and younger. Due to the non-invasive nature of treatment, there are no lasting side effects and no downtime. Immediately following your sessions, you may resume your normal activities.

As we age, and because of our genetics, it can be difficult to maintain the contours we have enjoyed in our youth. Dr. Bengelsdorf is an experienced physician who carefully chooses treatments for his Nashville patients. In clinical trials as well as practical application, Exilis has continued to impress.

Non-Surgical Skin Tightening and Fat Melting with Exilis

Many of our Nashville area patients have loose skin that may be troublesome but not enough to warrant abdominoplasty. For these individuals, non-surgical skin tightening with Exilis may be the perfect solution to their concerns.

Exilis is an innovative device based on radio frequency energy. In a series of treatments, the effects of Exilis become obvious, whether you want to minimize the appearance of under eye bags, or you want to reduce the size of your waistline. The absorption of thermal energy from treatments has the dual effect of liquefying the lipids within fat cells and prompting the accelerated production of collagen. The results are tighter, smoother, younger looking skin.

Exilis may be used to treat concerns in areas such as the face, neck, arms, abdomen, back, buttocks, thighs, knees, and more. It is safe for all skin types and has built-in features that protect the epidermis while deeper cells are targeted for specific results. Treatment sessions may be scheduled weekly for four to six weeks. Upon the completion of treatment, the skin continues to improve due to the ongoing production of collagen.


The abdominoplasty procedure is commonly known as the tummy tuck. This procedure is intended for something entirely different than tumescent liposuction. Liposuction is performed to remove lingering fat cells, but the purpose of the abdominoplasty is to remove excess skin that has developed because of weight gain.

This body contouring procedure is ideal for those who have reached their ideal weight but have loose, sagging skin around their midsection. When the skin has stretched beyond its limits, diet and exercise often cannot facilitate the return of a tight, toned appearance. In such instances, abdominoplasty makes perfect sense. During this procedure, Dr. Bengelsdorf uses precise techniques to remove pre-determined areas of skin. Abdominal muscles that lie beneath the skin may also be tightened. The result is a smooth, toned tummy.

Feel your most confident, contact Franklin Skin & Laser in Nashville for your body contouring consultation.

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