Our faces are arguably the most looked at part of our bodies and when we are ashamed or self-conscious of our faces, it can make facing the world quite difficult. Many men and women of varying ages suffer from moderate to severe acne that hinders their self-confidence. Today there are countless “acne cures” advertised on the market that have varying degrees of success. The Franklin Center for Skin & Laser Surgery, however, is the leading provider of acne treatments ranging from medical-grade cosmeceuticals to prescription medication to Laser Acne Treatment. The best way to determine the best method for you, is to discuss your issues and goals during a consultation with Dr. Bengelsdorf.
After examining type of acne you have and condition of your skin, Dr. Bengelsdorf will tailor a treatment plan just for you. There’s no reason to hide your face any longer. Call (855) 599-1010 to schedule an appointment or contact us online!