When researching a plastic surgery procedure that you are considering, it can be difficult to imagine what kind of results may be achievable, much less how those results will look on you- if they will be natural and aesthetically pleasing. While there is no way to guarantee any specific result, many doctors are now exploring new technological advances to help their patients visualize the kind of results that are possible.

One of the easiest ways, however, is looking at a plastic surgeons before and after photo gallery. There you will find examples of his past work and see the kind of results he has achieved for his patients. You will be able to asses if the results they have achieved would be ones you would be happy with and it can act as a great springboard for beginning a discussion with your plastic surgeon about results that you liked or did not like and why. Itís important to be specific with your plastic surgeon in your consultation. Discuss your goals for your potential outcome in great detail. This will help your plastic surgeon assess what is realistically achievable and what isn’t, which will help you get the results you expect.

Take a look through our online photo gallery. You will find examples of face, breast and body, laser and skin care procedures. If you have any questions or are ready to schedule your consultation, contact our office!