In a field that is notorious for months of wait time for an appointment, especially for new patients, I was able to book my appointment online with ease, and within one week (my schedule, not theirs)!! Beyond that, their office called to confirm three days out and the day before. AMAZING service and care.

As a patient with fairly profound rosacea, I went in expecting the usual – a consultation, a prescription and endless follow-ups. Not the case with Franklin Skin and Laser. I was warmly greeted by the front desk staff, filled out the normal paperwork and was immediately met by Dr. Bengelsdorf and guided to the laser treatment room. As I was pre-diagnosed, Dr. Bengelsforf took extra time to explain the treatment, what to expect and was open to absolutely any questions. He proved himself to be extremely knowledgeable, sympathetic to any concerns and sincere in his efforts to follow best practice, with my comfort and care as a priority.

The facilities and experience were both flawless. The equipment is STATE OF THE ART…I did exhaustive research on both doctors and facilities between Atlanta and Chicago and found the expertise, credentials and equipment at Franklin Skin and Laser hard to beat. Moreover, the entire course of treatment will cost less than half of what was budgeted. Simply amazing…but not as amazing as the results!

If you need or want an aesthetic (or in my case, medical) treatment for your skin – book an appointment immediately. I can’t rate them highly enough.